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We believe that the perfect balance and combination between talent, experiencie, technology and resources has the real power to make this world a better place.

We believe that Innovation is a common languaje that goes throught countries, cultures, religion and politics, No matter where do you come from, your gender, the color of your skin or religion, we believe in you and in your idea.

We invest our time, experience and resources into this disruptive innovation that will change the world. Individual entrepreneurs, local incubators, accelerators, universities, students, institutions, innovation centers and private researchers who aim to make a real impact in our planet will be welcome to our programs to make real and scalable companies from their projects.

Imagination is the limit

Innovation centers

We have a perfect and deep understanding about corporate culture, for that reason we support the innovation vector under a non-disclosure and truly confidence frame that works beside your team over the entire course of your innovation and digital transformation journey map, Increasing operational efficiencies, lower costs, finding new product lines, user experiences, driving data science and becoming more innovative from the core. Our inconditional support cover every step of this amazing journey until finally our collaboration will reach success, understanding your vision matching a taylor-made solution for your corporation. We ensure that every client's corporate culture is reflected and successfully integrated into existing corporate structures. Please contact us to see how we can help you to manage your innovation program


Our focus on innovation from real and fast business use cases means that you can be part of the next wave of technological innovation and further unicorns before the rest of the herd. AgroTraction by leveraging our network of VCs and our corporate partners, we give our worldwide portfolio companies an unfair advantage connecting to startups that already have serious commercial potential, enabling fast-time to market, providing initial revenues and participating in key customer case studies. By scouting the latest innovations, building strong relationships, focusing on businesses and leveraging our global network, agroTraction minimizes investment risk taking your investment to the next level